Randomize numbers

Easy! Choose range and hit generate.

Specify a range to generate numbers. Negative values allowed.


The most popular case to use random number generator online is choosing a winner in social network giveaway. To win a prize people leaving comments under video or post e.g. on Instagram. The simplest case is when organizer makes an ordered list of persons that want to win a prize. Every user receives a number. The user that posted a first comment become first in list and gets number 1. The one or multiple winners will be chosen randomly. This requires setting up a range to generate numbers. E.g. if there are 250 pretenders the range must be from 1 to 250. The count of generated numbers must be equal or more than persons count. The spare numbers can be used when user does not meet a raffle requirements. For example when he did not like the post. When choosing a winner the honest organizer must randomize numbers being on air on video stream. There are no guarantees that result is not fake when there is only a screenshot or recorded video posted. Have a good digits!